Thursday, May 21, 2009

Five Months!

Ok, so where is the time going, anyway? I thought that Owen just turned 4 months what seemed like a week ago! It is so weird but after Owen turned 3 months old, we are suprised daily with new developments. It's amazing how much they change in such a short period of time! We have discovered that Owen loves to be outside! Just like his daddy! When we sit out in the garage and watch TV, Owen is happy for hours. If I am driving with all of the windows down, Owen is happy. If we go for a walk, Owen is happy! :)
On Owen's five month birthday, his first tooth poked through. He was at Patty's house and she couldn't figure out why on earth Owen was so fussy. She tried Mylicon, a nap, everything. Then she remembered that he was starting to teeth and checked his mouth. Sure enough, there it was! It's on the bottom. We are trying to take a picture of it but Owen just isn't cooperating. We will add a picture as soon and we get one! :) Owen has also discovered his feet! He loves to hold onto them! He really doesn't put them in his mouth though!
After Owen's rollover discovery, he rarely lays on his back anymore. He will keep rolling several times if he doesn't get caught up in something stopping him. Once he figures out that his legs need to be on the floor and not in the air when he is on his tummy, I think that he will be crawling! Then we are in trouble! He kicks and moves so much that I'm afraid the older he gets, the more energy he will have! Owen doesn't have a doctor's appointment this month. So we don't know for sure how much he weighes but I'm sure that he has packed on another pound or two. His next doctor's appointment will be at 6 months. He will have more vaccinations at that time as well.
Now that Owen has more dominant facial features, I thought it would be fun to add baby pictures of Doug and I as well and let you decide who Owen looks more like right now. I know he will change later, we will compare again as he get's older!

Below is me at about 4 months old.

Below is Doug at 3 months old.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rolling Over!

Owen learned how to roll over this past weekend (May 9, 2009)! He is a pro already! Hope you enjoy!