Monday, March 2, 2009

Two Months Old!

Owen keeps growing and growing. He recently started talking, too! At first it was small coo's that lasted a second but now they are longer. I keep trying to get a video of the cooing but he stops and stares at the camera. I'm waiting for Doug to help me! He is such a happy baby! Look here! He's even holding his own bottle already! I'm telling you, our child is advanced! We have a smart baby on our hands! :)

Owen had his 2 month check up last week. Owen now weighs 10 lbs, 13 ozs! His little fingers are getting pudgy and so are his legs! Owen is now 22 1/2 inches tall! What a little weed! The doctor gave Owen an A+ for his overall health. Way to go buddy! He also got his first round of vaccines as well. He did much better than expected! Here daddy is holding Owen after he had his shots. We were giving Tylenol for pain and comfort. Owen was a little fussy after the injections.

For Valentines day I got a jogging stroller. I took Owen out for his first ride and it was a cool day. I decided to dress Owen warm so he would be comfortable. I got out the hat that Grandma got him and it is waaaayyy too small now. We enjoyed our stroll though! Owen is saying: "Mom, get this thing off my head, my head is being squeezed!"

Since Owen will be going to daycare, I decided to let the person watching him, Patty, spend a few hours with Owen. I went and worked at a job that I have on the side for a few hours. Owen was an excellent baby. Of coarse, mom has to take pictures on his first, unofficial, day of daycare!


  1. Owen, we certainly loved meeting you and hope you have recovered from the shots :)

  2. These pictures are adorable I can't wait for more updates!! :D

  3. i can't believe how big he is already! and these pix are over a month old already! He's tooooo cute!