Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Owen!!!

(Above picture taken by Joy Neville Photography.)

Well, it's been a fabulous year! We have been so blessed with this little guy! You cannot truly understand the joys that children bring until you experience it for yourself! When Owen was born, I knew that time would fly by...too fast so I took every moment to cherish everything!
Owen had a very fun and exciting birthday! Doug had to work so the festivities really didn't start until Doug got home. We got Owen some balloons, a cake, and went out to eat with some friends and family at Fuddruckers. Owen was given many birthday gifts and we are thankful for the generosity of everyone. Thanks again!
(Teddy Grahams, mmmm, yummy!)(Owen had a blast playing with Ice at the restraunt. He would slide it across the table.)(The dreaded Busy Ball Bopper! Owen hates this thing! He cries when we turn it on!!) (Did I mention Owen had neon green poo for a few days??)
We went to Minnesota for Christmas this year and got to have a little birthday party with Owen's cousins and Aunt and Uncle, and grandma of coarse!
(An Engelbert family picture on Christmas Day.)(This is Christmas Day. Opening presents with Owen's cousin Luke.)

On December 23rd, Owen took his first steps! It caught all of us by suprise!!! Doug and I assumed it would be a few months yet before he would walk because he just didn't have any interest in it! :) Nothing more exciting than an early Christmas Present! :) Thanks Owen!

When we got back from MN, Owen had his 12 month doctor's appointment. Owen is now a whopping 22 pounds and 30 inches tall! The doctor said that he is doing really well and very pleased with his progress. The doctor also gave the ok that Owen can eat pretty much all foods now. He also told us that it's best to wean from the bottle. So, there is the battle of the bottle. I'm all about eliminating it and Doug wants to give it to him. Hmmm, any suggestions? :)

We think that Owen is saying a few words too. Doug thinks I'm crazy but I think that Owen can say "kitty." It's more like "tete" to him but he says it when he is looking at the cats. We aren't sure if he recognizes us as mama and dada and can seperate the two, but he says those words all the time!

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