Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eleven Months!!!!

Well, just one more month to go till the big birthday! I can't believe that almost a year has gone by already! It has been such a fun year and such a learning experience!
Owen is bright eyed ad busy tailed right now! He just woke up! Owen usually goes to bed around 8:30 and he usually sleeps until about 8 the next morning! I'm sure he's tired with all that growing he is doing!
Owen walks along everything! Walls, tables, kennels, you name it! He had to say good morning to Maddie the dog! Maddie loves Owen!
Here Owen is eating cheese! He loves the stuff! When I give it to him, I cut it up into little cubes and he stuffs all of them in his mouth at one time! I have to limit how many I give him for fear he might choke!

Daddy got Owen a new toy recently and Owen loves to play with it! He can either ride on it or push it in front of him when he walks. He does so well with that!

Not too much has changed this month. If I think of anything else in the meantime, I will post it! :)

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