Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eight Months!

On to a new month! What an exciting month too! We spent our vacation in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Owen got to see the Grandparents again and even Great Grandparents. It was Owen's first time flying and I have to say that he did a wonderful job! He was such a trooper for the whole trip! Way to go buddie! On the first part of the trip, we saw friends and family in Rochester. Below is a visit with Grandma Engelbert. We stayed with her while we were in Minnesota. We got the chance to see our friend Nicole for only one day while we were there. Nicole left for a mission trip to Cambodia the following day. Nicole has come to spend Thanksgiving with us the last two years while we have been living in Texas. Last year when Nicole came to visit, she had this huge fear that I might go into labor while she was here. She really didn't want it to happen then, and it didn't! This was Nicole's first meeting with Owen! We also got to see a lot of other friends as well. Unfortunately there just isn't enough time in the short time that we were there to cram everyone in. And the time we did have was just not long enough to really get to spend some good quality time! On Sunday, or halfway through our trip to the Midwest, we went to Wisconsin. Here we got to see more family! Owen got to meet Aunt Becky and Uncle Jon, and get to see Aunt Amy again!When we were in Wisconsin, I also wanted to take "4 Generation" pictures. The first one is my dad's side of the family and the second one is my mom's side of the family. I also wanted to include a picture of my grandpa!As you can see from some of the pictures, Owen has mastered a new task! He can sit up on his own! This has been fun, exciting, and stressful! Fun-because it's something new. Exciting-because he can see so much more now. And Stressful-because he ends up hitting his head on something when he falls over! He has constant bruising on the sides of his forehead now.

Along with sitting up on his own, Owen has really enjoyed taking a bath like a "Big Boy!" He loves it when we turn the water on. He wants to try to put the water in his mouth and has even put his face into the running water. Someday he will understand!And last but not least...Owen has more teeth! He got his two top front teeth while we were on vacation and I found another one on the bottom last weekend and another one on the top today! As you can also see, we have a ham on our hands. When he see's the camera come out he is all giggles and smiles!

Owen isn't crawling yet but he is getting up on all "4's" and rocking back and forth. I will try to post a video soon for you to see!


  1. i think i said this b4 but he is such a HAM!!! I'm giving him a big ol' hug n kiss via internet! Very nice 4 generation pix that you took! u know that is something i have never done and now it's on my to do list! Great idea! I've been working on a scrap book this week of OLD pix from when dad was growing up! It's brought tears to my eyes more than once seeing Gramps and gram so young and all their lil kidos! your mom was just a doll!... well they all were but in the pix i have your mom was about 2-4 i would guess! and Katie... thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to assist in your b-day goodies!