Friday, September 11, 2009

Video Time!

I have included a few videos over the last month or two. They are very short and probably boring to some but this way the family can see what Owen is doing! I hope you like!

In this Video, we are at Grandma Engelbert's house. We had just finished feeding Owen supper and Owen had such a big day. He just couldn't stay awake any longer!

Owen has started to do a little talking. It's usually as he get's tired or upset. He can say "Mamama, Dadadad, Bababa" I swear I think he can say "Kitty" too but Doug is more skeptical about that!

Our messy little Eater! He was having such a good time, I decided to capture the moment. If you notice, he has just a diaper on. It's easier to wash his clothes if they aren't food stained. This is usually what Owen looks like after Daddy feeds him!

This is bath time after messy eating. This was taken the same day as the video above. Instead of trying to clean him off, into the bathtub he went.

Owen Loves to go swimming. Here he is sitting up in the water and loving it!

This is Owen's version of crawling. I sometimes wonder if he will make it to the next step where he get's around on his hands and knees. For now, though, it's the belly!


  1. Isaac did a crawl like that for a while before he got up on his knees too. We called it his army crawl because he pulled with his elbows. Owen's is more like a caterpillar or something :) I love the falling asleep in his highchair one too.

  2. I love the videos! He is such a cutie! I especially love the video of him falling asleep! I think it is so precious when they are so tired they just cannot stay awake!