Friday, September 18, 2009

Nine Months!

Only three months to go until the big Birthday! It has been a busy and exciting month for little Owen! We are so excited to share all that is happening! Owen had his Baby Dedication on September 13th. We were blessed to have so many friends and family members that could attend. There was 4 other kids that were dedicated at the same time to there was a big group of family members on the stage. After the dedication we went out to eat at our family's restaurant in Celina. We had a wonderful time and as always, the food was awesome! Thanks to everyone that came and supported us! (More Pictures to be added)

Owen is officially crawling! I guess he wanted to give me a gift of his own for my birthday! He started crawling in the afternoon of my birthday! Thanks little buddy! I was so excited!

I guess with crawling goes the activity of pulling himself up on everything! He even enjoys standing up to the wall! I don't know how he does it with nothing to grab onto but there he goes!

One night we were out with our friends and Owen started to clap his hands! He doesn't do it often but it looks so cute when he does do it! The funny thing is when we are in church or where there are a lot of people, he is startled when people clap. He just stares and tries to figure out what is going on!

Owen has his 9 month checkup this month! He is a whopping 20 pounds and 3 ounces. He is 28 inches tall! We looked at Doug's charts for his 9 month check up and he was 27 pounds at 9 months! No wonder Grandma Engelbert was so skinny! She had to carry around a heavy baby! :)
Now that Owen is crawling, I have been reassured that the bruising on his forehead is normal. I was tempted to tape a bath towel around his head for a week before his doctor's appointment so that the doctor doesn't think that we are abusing him! It's just a matter of time before we will start seeing bruises on his legs too! (At least that's what I have been told!)Now that Owen weighs so much more, we are unable to carry him in his baby car seat. It was time to graduate to a big boy car seat! And this car seat is huge! I think he likes it a little better because he sits up higher. I know it will be even better when we can turn it around! He has to be at least 20 pounds and 12 months old before we can do that. Not too much longer till that happens! (At Owen's doctor's appointment the doctor said that he wanted us to wait to turn the seat around until he was 30 pounds....Ummm, we will try!)
The tooth count is now up to 8! I can't believe he has a mouth full of teeth already! He loves to bite things off like crackers with them! He does a really good job of mashing food in his mouth so we are giving him dried yogurt drops, small pieces of cheese, and cut up bananas! He loves it! He does such a good job of picking things up with his fingers and putting them in his mouth!

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